In-house Transformer Testing Lab

Transformer Testing

Our In House Transformer Testing

By using state of the art testing equipment a qualified engineer carry out the all necessary tests required. Prior to dispatch each transformer is tested for all routine tests laid down IS, ANSI, BS, IEC and other international standards.

The following tests are carried out:

  • Ratio Test at all taps.
  • No load Loss Test at rated voltage and frequency.
  • Short Circuit Test at rated current, rated frequency, impedance volts.
  • Induced Potential Test.
  • Insulation Resistance by megger.

If required and agreed upon the following Type Tests and Supplementary Tests can also be carried out.

  • Temperature Rise Test.
  • Zero phase Sequence Impedance Test
  • Test Certificates are furnished for each Transformer.

After passing the rigorous testing by our engineers the job is ready for the customer inspection and dispatch.